Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard - Slimline Wired/Wireless - Editors Keys
Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard - Slimline Wired/Wireless - Editors Keys
Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard - Slimline Wired/Wireless - Editors Keys
Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard - Slimline Wired/Wireless - Editors Keys
Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard - Slimline Wired/Wireless - Editors Keys

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard - Slimline Wired/Wireless

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Wired or Wireless?:Wireless Keyboard

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Introducing the new Editors Keys keyboard for Premiere Pro, now available in both USB wired and wireless versions.

Are you a video editor who uses Adobe Premiere Pro but struggles to remember all the shortcuts? Our keyboard has you covered! With over 150 Adobe Premiere Pro shortcuts displayed right on the keyboard, you can easily access them all without having to remember anything.

Your keyboard is designed to make your editing process faster and more efficient. Here are some key features:

⌨️ Shortcut keys are colour grouped for easy and quick access to similar tools

👍 Available in either a wired and wireless options to fit your preference

🤝 Compatible with both Mac and PC

✅ Works with all versions of Adobe Premiere Pro

Say goodbye to the hassle of memorizing shortcuts and streamline your editing process with the Editors Keys Dedicated Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard.

NOTE: If you are selecting the Wireless Keyboard, this uses a 2.4ghz dongle to ensure the ultimate lag-free experience. Please note we do not recommend using the dongle in an external USB Hub and the dongle should always be connected directly to the computer.

Need backlighting? This keyboard is not backlit, but do have a backlit keyboard available here

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jacques de Vos
Mostly Perfect, missing shortcuts.

Got my US version keyboard this week and have been happy with it so far. The action of the keys are great and combined with the wrist gel pad (highly recommended), it feels extremely comfortable to work with for extended periods of time. I purchased this keyboard primarily for its low profile and back-lighting and of course the indicated shortcuts.

That being said I was surprised that the first shortcut I checked (cutting a clip using Ctrl +K on PC) was not indicated on the keyboard, which is odd as I use this almost more than anything else when editing. Based on this and after a quick check it turns out most of the 'Ctrl +' commands have been left out of the design which I assume is due to some keys not having enough space for additional text, although some definitely do.

Overall quite a nice product and I'm happy with the purchase so far.


Editors Keys has produced many cool products for content creators - and their Premiere Pro backlit keyboard is designed to help you edit faster and more efficiently. The keyboard shortcuts being printed directly on the keyboard make it much easier to learn and remember them, though it's limited to shortcut defaults.

Sandy R. Jimenez
Worth Every Penny

Great for editing on premiere CC. I've only had it for a few days and it already has made a huge difference.

Dan Apps
Love the idea

I had used these at University and always wanted one, so when we got our first studio in Camden set up, this was one of my first purchases. To be honest I mainly got it to impress the clients so it looks like I know what I’m doing haha.

Phil Hicks
Looks cool, speeds up my work

Got mine 2 weeks ago and I wanted to use it on a couple of projects before I left my review.
A really great product which has really speeded up my editing in Premiere, I knew a few of the shortcuts, but there is no way you could remember all of the ones on the keyboard.
Having them there speeds up my editing by about 10 times and helps me focus a little more. (Might be just in my head but seems to work.)