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How to Make Money with Your Voice

Did you know that you can turn your vocal-chords into a money-making machine? You heard that right! If you are good at playing with those vocal chords, you can land into a potential gold mine you never thought existed. Okay, that may be an exaggeration but the fact is you can make money by becoming a voice actor and selling your voice-overs online.

There are several industries that require people with specific tones and styles accentuating their voices to help them marketing, content production, and other tasks. Thanks to the internet, it is much easier to reach out to the entities that might have a use for your voice.

If you want to record your voice and make money out of it, here are some areas to explore.

Freelancing Platforms

Both Upwork and Fivver have plenty of opportunities waiting for voice artists. From companies looking for a voice for their brand to studios seeking creative voiceovers for their films, you can get all kinds of gigs. Just go out there, make an account and start bidding on the projects. All you need is a Mac or a laptop with the right accessories and apps to record your voice.

Specific Voiceover Portals

There are many websites that are created for voice-over artists and those who seek their talent. VoiceBunny and Voice123 are primary examples. One has to submit an application and an audition tape to get started. They have a different take on how people are paid and there are plenty of projects to work on, if you are good enough.

Blogs to Podcasts

There are many bloggers who would actually want you to turn their text into audios. You can reach out to them with your sample and tell them they can maximize the ROI of their existing content by giving it a voice. All you need to do is read what they have written and start recording using your laptop and the right accessories that ensure higher quality recording.

Audio Books

Just like podcasts, many people find it easier to listen to a book rather than reading. Almost all online publishing platforms, including Amazon now offer audiobooks and authors are constantly looking out for a talented person who can read it all out for those who can’t. You can make a good amount of money by getting in touch with authors or those platforms and offer your services to them.

Strictly Business

Nowadays, what with the increasing competition, every company is trying hard to outdo its competitors. Acquiring and adopting the latest technology and concepts is part of this evolution. Businesses require people for voice-overs when making PowerPoint presentations and intro videos to market their brand.


Looking for a career in the world of voice overs is something not everyone is capable of doing. If you feel like your voice has what it takes to be used for the benefit of others, then don’t hesitate before taking the plunge - get the right equipment and accessories, and start earning!

The Recording Equipment.

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