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Vocal/Microphone Plugins for Final Cut & Premiere Pro

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 You can record amazing video, but don't you wish you could easily improve your vocals coming from your shotgun, desktop or lavalier microphone?

That's exactly what the Editors Keys audio vocal plugin pack is designed to do. We've created a simple range of drag and drop filters for both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. (you get both packs when purchasing, incase you ever switch workstations.)

What audio plugin effects are included in the pack?

  • Indoor Vlog Female Medium
  • Indoor Vlog Male Medium
  • Indoor Vlog Female Strong
  • Indoor Vlog Male Strong
  • Large Microphone Preset Female
  • Large Microphone Preset Male
  • Lav Microphone Female
  • Lav Microphone Male
  • Outdoor Vlog Female Medium
  • Outdoor Vlog Male Medium
  • Outdoor Vlog Female Strong
  • Outdoor Vlog Male Strong
  • Small Microphone Female 
  • Small Microphone Male
  • USB Microphone Female
  • USB Microphone Male

We've designed the plugins to be as simple as drag and drop. That's it simply drag it onto any audio track to hear the difference. We've also enabled the ability to adjust every part if you'd like to change it.

Also the above plugins are simple guides, try popping on the USB Microphone effect onto a small lavalier, you might just like it! 

Works with:

Apple Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

(Lumafusion Coming soon.)

Sound Pack preview video plus how to install them: