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Recording gear FLASH SALE!

Are you looking to record your musical masterpieces? Want to record your very own music or musical covers for youtube, Tiktok, Instagram etc? Well right now at Editors Keys we've got some great deals on our brilliant studio recording equipment to help you get started!

69% Off Portable Vocal Booth Pro Head Unit (No Stand)

Sit's perfectly on your tabletop or desk, foldable for extra portability and helps block out any unwanted background noises whilst you're recording your song or podcast, making your vocals sound crisp and clear. Currently just £49.99 from our website!

Editors Keys Vocal Recording Booth

60% off SL600 USB Microphone

Get your recording career started early with our fan favourite SL600 USB microphone! Simple and easy to use, simply plug in to your computer and you're ready to go! Fans of Samantha Harvey will recognise this microphone from her videos, with its vibrant orange and black colour scheme and super crisp vocal sound, it's been the top choice for countless singers. It also features controls for gain, decibel pad, bass cut filter and a headphone port. Right now you can grab your very own SL600 for a sweet 60% off at £99.99!

Editors Keys SL600 USB Microphone


 53% off Portable Vocal Booth Pro with Floor and Desk Stand

Studio quality wherever you go! This vocal booth with a sturdy metal floor stand is the perfect item for anyone looking to record on the go, ensuring stability for your vocal booth, and perfect sound for your vocal takes! Only £69.99

Editors Keys Vocal Booth Floor Stand

46% off SL150 Microphone Recording Bundle

Our full recording bundle including our SL150 USB microphone, Vocal booth pro with floor stand, and dual layer pop filter. Currently £149.99

Editors Keys vocal booth, SL150 microphone and pop filter recording bundle

29% off SL600 Recording Bundle

Our full recording bundle complete with our SL600 USB microphone, vocal booth pro with floor stand, and dual layer pop filter. Now at £269.99

Editors Keys SL600 recording bundle with microphone, portable vocal booth and dual pop filter

38% off Microphone Desk Stand (Mic Not Included)

Perfect for podcasts, video calls, recording or a wide range of other things, our metal desk stand designed for our SL600 microphone features a sturdy and solid build and a shock mount design, so any accidental knocks or bumps won't affect your recording. Grab your own desktop shock mount for just £24.99

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