[News] Editors Keys launch new Cinema 4D keyboard - Editors Keys

[News] Editors Keys launch new Cinema 4D keyboard

Editors Keys has today launched its first keyboard for Maxon Cinema 4D. The new high-quality backlit keyboard helps 3D designers edit up to 50% faster by offering them all of the shortcuts for Maxon Cinema 4D.

The new keyboard promises the highest quality typing experience and helps users to save time when working on 3D designs.

“The goal here at Editors Keys is to produce keyboards which make a profound difference to the way a professional works. This new keyboard will not only speed up how a professional works, it will also help to reduce problems with eye strain and improve ergonomics.” Says Mark Brown, Director at Editors Keys.

Each keyboard for MacOS or Windows contains over 100 keyboard shortcut icons in addition to the standard typing letters so the keyboard can be used with regular programs too.

Editors Keys who makes products for some of the worlds top television stations, worked with some of the world’s best Cinema 4D users to make a great final product.

The product is available this week on pre-order at: https://www.editorskeys.com/collections/cinema-4d-keyboard/products/maxon-cinema-4d-keyboard-backlit-for-mac-or-pc


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