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Top 6 Photography apps for Instagram you’ve never used

Take your photos to the next level with these 6 photography apps.


Mobile photography is on the rise, and with the rise of photography comes the rise of photography apps.

In this episode we cover some of our favourite apps to take your photos from beginner to professional in just a few taps!

So let’s get into it



First up we have Focos, which is a fantastic app for cheating the ‘bokeh’ effect on images.

Unfortunately, this app can only be used on phones with dual cameras, such as the iPhone 7 and upwards.  Until recently it was only available for iPhone but has now been released for android devices as well. Again- only phones with a dual camera can work with this app.

Focos allows you to add and control background blur in photos, otherwise known as Bokeh. You are able to control how much bokeh there is in the image, and where that  starts in the image. It works a lot like the portrait mode in iPhone, only much smarter, and much more realistic.


Snapseed is a google owned app and allows an incredible amount of customisation to your photos. Similar to light room, Snapseed gives you access to tools that professional editors use on a daily basis. And its free!


Legend is a super fast title making app. Perfect for making quick advertisements or title sequences for your instagram content. There are hundreds of fully customisable templates to choose from, and animation styles. Instantly makes you look like a pro without putting in any effort!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Lightroom is the tool that professionals use to create stunning images, and now its available on mobile! It also comes as a desktop app and synchronises between the two. You can import presets to your mobile, that you have saved on your desktop for seamless editing on the go. 

Lens Distortions


Lens Distortions is a very powerful app which allows you to add elements into your photos like lens flares or fog. A lot of photographs you see on instagram usually have elements added in from lens distortions. Its the perfect way to cheat your way to pro!

And lastly... Our favourite instagram grid planner!


Ever wonder how people on instagram get really nice themes, and all of their images seem to blend together? Thats no accident. Preview allows you to view your instagram grid and upload images to it, so that you can position them on your grid. Perfect for planning which order to upload your images in!


So thats it! Now you have all the best tools to use to boost your instagram game. How will you use the apps? Let us know in the comments!

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