iPhone 12 Mini and Pro - The video quality is amazing!

The iPhone 12 is here and it's a VIDEO QUALITY BEAST

iPhone 12 Video Quality will be INSANELY GOOD this year thanks to some new updates the the photo and video features inside the new iPhone 12 devices. The iPhone has always been known for good video quality, but this year Apple has really taken it up a level with all of the iPhone 12 models. Dolby HDR, 10bit Color, IBIS on the iPhone 12 Pro Max...
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Masking Transition in Adobe Premiere

Create INCREDIBLE Video Transitions - Mask without Masking

In this video we show you how to create some incredible masking style transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro... without having to do any Masking at all. One of the most popular videos on our channel is our masking tutorial, however we're aware it's pretty complex for people new to video editing. So I took to the streets to film a new video, all about...
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