Loupedeck is now available in the UK

Loupedeck, the crazy cool controller for Adobe Lightroom is now available in the UK for the first time at Editors Keys. We love a tool which can speed up the editing process, so we got in touch with our friends over at Loupedeck so we could offer the product in the UK, Europe and the USA. Go to the product page and learn more by click here, or s...
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Adobe Lightroom Keyboard - Shortcuts and Speed

Dramatically speed up your performance in Adobe Lightroom

When using Adobe Lightroom you want to ensure you're working with optimal settings and using the best tools to ensure you can produce the best results. Here are the top things you can do, to speed up your workflow with Adobe Lightroom. 1.) Use Lightroom keyboard shortcuts Using the keyboard shortcuts you can find new tools and work faster than ...
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