Top 5 Plugins for Ableton 2023 - Editors Keys

Top 5 Plugins for Ableton 2023

In today's blog we're going to be delving into the top 5 plugins for Ableton Live. Ableton being up there with Logic Pro and Pro Tools in the upper echelons of music production DAWs, you're going to want some top notch plugins and doohickeys to go along with it and add those extra twinkles to your mixes. Well we might just have the suggestions t...
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TOP 5 PLUGINS for LOGIC PRO - Editors Keys


Logic Pro is one of the most popular DAWs on the marketplace today, and it's no surprise really - Logic Pro features a wide arsenal of super useful and great sounding effects/processors that help to create high-end, professional sounding music. But on top of Logic's pre-installed drivers and plugins, there's a plethora of plugins and downloads a...
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