Aspect Ratios Cheat Sheet

Video Editing Cheat Sheet | Black Bars and Apect Ratios

When you're creating your project and you hear that you need to do a 2.36.1 project, what the hell is this in terms of project size? We've all been there, hunting around YouTube and google for the answer to find a maze of aspect ratios. Using the correct aspect ratios is also the best way to get Cinematic Bars on to your Premiere and Final Cut p...
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Cinematic Look

How to Get the Cinematic Look - New Mini Series

We've uploaded 100's of videos to our YouTube channel  and people often ask in the comments what settings and 'looks' we use to get the cinematic look. So we've filmed a mini series which will go through all of the basics, from what Cinematic camera settings to choose to how to edit the footage within Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Luma Fu...
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