Wedding Looks, LUTS for Premiere, Final Cut and Lumafusion

NEW Wedding LUT Presets for Final Cut, Premiere Pro and Lumafusion

We're proud to announce a brand new set of Wedding LUTS (looks, presets). which will transform any footage into some beautifully cinematic footage in an instant.   If you film weddings you know turn around time is a big issue. So these Wedding LUTS will really help not only improve your wedding videos but also speed up your delivery time for you...
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Aspect Ratios Cheat Sheet

Video Editing Cheat Sheet | Black Bars and Apect Ratios

When you're creating your project and you hear that you need to do a 2.36.1 project, what the hell is this in terms of project size? We've all been there, hunting around YouTube and google for the answer to find a maze of aspect ratios. Using the correct aspect ratios is also the best way to get Cinematic Bars on to your Premiere and Final Cut p...
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