How to Get the Cinematic Look - New Mini Series - Editors Keys

How to Get the Cinematic Look - New Mini Series

We've uploaded 100's of videos to our YouTube channel  and people often ask in the comments what settings and 'looks' we use to get the cinematic look.

So we've filmed a mini series which will go through all of the basics, from what Cinematic camera settings to choose to how to edit the footage within Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Luma Fusion or DaVinci Resolve.

We'll also be doing a LUT giveaway very soon! So keep subscribed to the YouTube channel to find out more. 

Watch the first video in the series here:


Chris Smith

Frame rates – using 25p on a normal video camera always looks jerky, especially on pans. whatever the shutter speed. Question is do stills cameras used as video cameras have less jerky pans at 25p?

Chris Smith
Chris Smith

So if I want to achieve a climatic look with a conventional video camera . . . . For shallow DOP is use the camera optics – long lens, camera further away from subject, subject well away from background. Usually about 3m for both. Then use ND if outdoors to stop down.

Chris Smith

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