Gimbal vs Handheld

Gimbal Vs Handheld. What should you use?

Gimbal vs Handheld - What YOU should use & WHEN? For CINEMATIC Video? In this part of our Cinematic Video series we take a look at when you should consider handheld footage over Gimbal footage? We film two sequences up on the roof and show you the difference between handheld and gimbal and what works best. Just adding some music can make ...
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Cinematic Look

How to Get the Cinematic Look - New Mini Series

We've uploaded 100's of videos to our YouTube channel  and people often ask in the comments what settings and 'looks' we use to get the cinematic look. So we've filmed a mini series which will go through all of the basics, from what Cinematic camera settings to choose to how to edit the footage within Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Luma Fu...
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