Why every business needs a podcast

Why Every Business Needs A Podcast Right Now

We have a very special guest this week, we're joined by James Mulvany who is the founder of Podcast.co and Radio.co - One of the worlds leading platforms for creating your podcast. In this first episode, we talk Podcast For Business - Why Every Business Needs A Podcast Right Now. I think you're going to love this episode! I know many of you hav...
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Aspect Ratios Cheat Sheet

Video Editing Cheat Sheet | Black Bars and Apect Ratios

When you're creating your project and you hear that you need to do a 2.36.1 project, what the hell is this in terms of project size? We've all been there, hunting around YouTube and google for the answer to find a maze of aspect ratios. Using the correct aspect ratios is also the best way to get Cinematic Bars on to your Premiere and Final Cut p...
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