Flight Simulator X Control Keyboard

The Ultimate Flight Simulator X Control Keyboard

The very first for Flight Simulator X Control Keyboard we designed got an amazing 9.5/10 from Mutleys Hanger, getting one of the best scores and the ultimate 'Outstanding Gold Award.' 

Flight Sim X Controller Gold Award

Well, we wanted to go one step further and make an even better Flight Simulator Controller X Keyboard.

The brand new Flight Simulator X Control Keyboard Version 2 features




  • More shortcuts and controls
  • Improved larger icons
  • 3 Levels of backlighting
  • Backlighting now more closely represents that of a real cockpit
  • Amazing typing experience

Flight Sim X Controls

We'd love to know what you think of this new keyboard and if you've already got one, why not share your Flight Sim X pictures with #EditorsKeys and we'll feature them on the Flight Sim Keyboard product page.

To view the product, please go to the product page here:


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