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  • Backlit Cubase Dedicated Keyboard for PC and Mac
  • Backlit Cubase Dedicated Keyboard for PC and Mac
  • Backlit Cubase Dedicated Keyboard for PC and Mac
  • Backlit Cubase Dedicated Keyboard for PC and Mac
  • Backlit Cubase Dedicated Keyboard for PC and Mac
  • Backlit Cubase Dedicated Keyboard for PC and Mac
  • Backlit Cubase Dedicated Keyboard for PC and Mac
  • Backlit Cubase Dedicated Keyboard for PC and Mac

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World's first backlit editing keyboard 

You can spend hours - if not days inside the edit, eyes focused on your bright monitor, so it's important you choose the best tools to help you become more productive than ever before.

A few months back we had a dream of creating the most advanced editing keyboard for Steinberg Cubase, so we put our heads together and worked with thousands of audio producers just like you from around the world, to come up with the ultimate backlit editing keyboard.

Now for the first time you can edit faster, reduce eye strain with the world's first and only backlit editing keyboard for Steinberg Cubase. Say hello to the world's first backlit editing keyboard for Steinberg Cubase.

 Funded by fans

From ColdPlay’s producer Rik Simpson, the BBC, Fox Network to thousands of home users, the campaign was backed from users from all over the world. The successful Kickstarter campaign reached over a huge 200% funding goal.

That's why we've developed the brand new range of backlit keyboards, all designed for your editing software.

How many times have you sat in a dark room editing, struggling to see the keyboard, or simply used a poor quality keyboard? We're getting rid of both of those problems today.


World's first backlit editing keyboard 

Eye strain is a big problem for most computer users and for editors working in a dimly lit room the problem can be much greater. Did you know you can be causing yourself to suffer with eye strain, back pain and neck pain? 

We worked with Optical Express in the UK to ensure we developed a product which would help remove these problems. 

“This innovation should significantly reduce eye strain symptoms. This will ultimately improve efficiency for the user & improve eye health in the long term” said Stephen Hannan, Clinical Services Director of Optical Express.


 Funded by fans

The keyboards are designed to help you edit faster than ever before. No more looking through PDF's to find the shortcuts for Steinberg Cubase. Now you'll have them to hand. You'll be surprised how quickly you can edit.

Editors Keys are used by most of the worlds top editing suites, post production houses, recording studios and universities, so it's time for you to improve your computer set up and join the editing revolution.

This keyboard works on both PC and Mac. (Mac users: To get fully compatibility go to


There are 11 question(s) for this product.

Is the back lit Cubase keyboard wireless?

By Steve on October 22, 2015

This is a USB wired keyboard.


I've got 2 questions about the "Cubase Keyboard - Backlit PC Keyboard" :

Do you have the same keyboard in "azerty"?
Do you have the same keyboard in white colour?


Thibault DUBUS.

By Thib on December 7, 2015

Thanks for the questions.

The keyboard is available in AZERTY. (You should be able to select it from the Dropdown.) Also the keyboard is only available in Black.

Is there a wireless Cubase editor keyboard (PC)?

By Dee on December 13, 2015

At the moment there is no wireless versions of the backlit keyboards. (this is because you need the USB to power the lights.)

Is there a Mac version of the backlit keyboards? Or does this work for Mac too?!

By carlosaudio on January 19, 2016

We're pleased to let you know if you visit the product page, we now have this keyboard available as a MAC version! (We have very limited stock.) Simply choose yours from the drop down menu.

Hi my keyboard has arrived and plugged into cubase 5 but the back light is not working. Please can you advise

By Dan on February 5, 2016

To access the backlit, please press the scroll lock key. (This activates the back-lighting.)

Is there some way to be alerted when this item is back in stock?

By Bill on June 30, 2016

Hi Bill - I'm afraid we do not have an alert system, however they will be back in stock in 1.5 weeks time.

Hope this helps


Is this keyboard using usb 3.0 ,or just 2.0?

By Benjamin on December 9, 2016

This keyboard is USB 2.0

All working fine thank you
.Small niggle, how (without going into Karibiner!) can I dim the iMac screen?
i.e. what short key do I press?

Thanks in advance.


By Peter Goodey on December 22, 2016


To dim the screen Press F1 and F2 (you need to turn on Karabiner) or if you don't want to do that simply hold down the FN key then F1 and F2


How long is the USB cable?

By James on January 14, 2017

The USB Cable is 2.5M in length, perfect for most studios.

is this cubase 8 and windows 10 compatible

By ger on April 28, 2017

Yes it is! You're going to love it.

What is the back light source?
Does it burn out?
Can the light source be replaced?

By zzzyzzzyzzzyxxx on August 11, 2017

The keyboard contains LED backlits and will not burn out.

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There are 2 review(s) for this product.

Let the light be with you!

By: Pim on March 4, 2017

As a long term (over 25 years) Cubase user I thought I knew all the shortcuts on the keyboard... Well, I was wrong!

But frankly spoken, I never bought the EditorsKeys Cubase Backlit Keyboard because of the shortcuts. It was the light that attracted me.

I love to record in the shimmering light and my black HP keyboard didn't serve me well in these circumstances. Talked with the Mrs. (for the price of the Backlit she could buy ten keyboards and a few lagers as well) and after a short session (it was the lagers that did the job) she agreed for 100%, I placed my order.

Transparent webshop - easy to find your way - and a few days later the package arrived.

What a beautiful box! Feels like a gift. The USB connection is flawless and then... (drumroll) LET THERE BE LIGHT!

This beautiful Startrek-like piece of gear immediately became the center of my home studio. The touch of the keys is soft, fast and quiet and the light intensity can be adjusted in three steps and switched off. These functions are directly available with 'one knob - one function', call it 'analogue' if you like.

Day and night, I never confuse the keys anymore and as a huge benefit the operation of Cubase becomes faster because of the smart shortcuts.

Do I recommend the Cubase Keyboard Backlit? Oh Yes! It's a stunning user interface for your DAW that feels like a gift and brings some light in the darkness of a (home) studio.

Thank you EditorsKeys!

Cubase Backlit PC Keyboard

By: T.O on August 25, 2015

Very good product. I love it.

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