Thank you for choosing Editors Keys for your new Hybrid Mac & PC Keyboard.

The hybrid keyboard has been our most requested product. With most audio and video software now available on Mac and PC, users wanted a new type of keyboard which they could use across all systems. It was important that the keyboard worked perfectly once installed on a Mac or PC just like a standard keyboard for that operating system.


PC users will be pleased to know the keyboard works straight out of the box, all you need to do is plug the keyboard in and you're good to go. You'll see a divide on each hybrid key. All Windows shortcuts are 'Above' the line.


The keyboard will work out of the box on a Mac system, however for full compatibility (including correct positioning of CTRL, ALT and CMD keys and full access to the 'F' Key Mac shortcuts.) We recommend you download our latest drivers. You'll see a divide on each hybrid key. All Mac shortcuts are 'below' the line.

Please note this page is only for our split hybrid keyboards. If you have a Mac Only keyboard you do not need to install any software for the keyboard to work on your Mac.  

1.) Choose your Mac OS

Running Mac OS Sierra 10.12: DOWNLOAD:  Editors Keys Hybrid File for MacOS 10.12

Once installed Open Karabiner from your Applications folder, 

  1. Navigate to the 'Simple Modifications' Tab (shown below.)

    Then change the settings to the below and you'll be all set up. You do not need to go to step 2 below. 
    You can also change the functionality of the F keys buy clicking into the 'Function Keys' Menu.' 


Running OSX 10.9 - 10.10
: DOWNLOAD our Mac Installer: Editors Keys Hybrid File for OSX 10.9 and 10.10
Once downloaded go to Step 2 below.

Running OSX 10.8 or lower, DOWNLOAD:  Editors Keys Hybrid File for OSX 10.8 and Lower.
Download this file and use this instead of the main version. You'll still need the Editors Keys Config file in the above 10.9 download.  Once you have downloaded both items go to Step 2.


2.) (This step is only for MacOS users running 10.10 or below.) Once downloaded, unzip the folder and Run 'Editors Keys Installer - Karabiner.dmg' first. (During the installation file your Mac will require you to enter your admin password and may ask you to allow the install. 

 Editors Keys Karabiner

3.) Once this has been installed you can run the Editors Keys 'Configure Karabiner' file. If you see the message ' "Configure Karabiner" is an application downloaded from the Internet, you may need to allow your Mac permission to open the file: To do this go into system preferences and 'Security and Privacy.' Within this screen, you can allow this file to install. 

4.) Once installed your new hybrid keyboard will work on your Mac. You only need to run the above file the first time you use the keyboard. 

Rather do it the manual way?

If you'd prefer not to install this software for any reason you can manually switch the CTRL, ALT and CMD by following this method. (However please note that the top row of Mac Shortcuts in the F row will not all be accessible.)

How to set up the Editors Keys Backlit Dual Keyboard for Mac from Mark Brown on Vimeo.


How to access the backlit? 

To turn on the backlighting, simply hold ‘fn’ and press the ‘Light on’ button which is positioned on the top row of the keyboard. You can also adjust the brightness of the keys by holding ‘fn’ and pressing pgup pgdn.