DaVinci Resolve 16 Keyboard Cover Skin

DaVinci Resolve 16 Keyboard Cover Skins out now!

Woohoo! We've just launched our brand new shortcut keyboard covers for DaVinci Resolve 16. These brand new keyboard covers have been designed from the group up for Davinci Resolve 16 and feature a whole new colour scheme. Check out the video below: Compatible with: MacBook Pro with Touchbar both 13" and 15" Apple Magic Keyboard. (The short wir...
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How to get a job in video production

How to get a job in Video Production / Videography

Are you applying for loads of jobs in video production, editing or in the wedding world? When we recently listed our last job post, we recieved over 380 applications for the role. Whilst I was spending days going through each CV or Resume I was shocked by the amount of HUGE mistakes people were making. (mistakes which have likely cost them getti...
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